Shadow of the Flag

An Ace Roberts Adventure

From the author of BURIED LIE: A Young Ace Roberts Adventure! Some legends should remain in the shadows... 1962. A Native American ritual designed to keep the spirit of a giant demon imprisoned in the hills of Connecticut opens the door to an unbelievable adventure across time. Fifteen-year old Ace Roberts, with his girlfriend Debra and his best friend Brian, embark on an amazing journey that might just rewrite history, or plunge the world into total annihilation. From the walls of an infamous Civil War prison, to the depths of an underground civilization lost in time, to a cataclysmic showdown on the brink of nuclear Armageddon, Ace and his friends will unravel mystical secrets, battle supernatural forces intent on altering the fate of the world, and find the courage that lies in... THE SHADOW OF THE FLAG!